Edward Sellier
Ed's Banter 
I am a sports journalist and part of the sports editorial team for the VARSITY Newspaper, the official Newspaper of the University of Cape Town (UCT). 

I worked for Supersport as a journalist during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I have a passion for all sports and will share my thoughts surrounding the latest news. 

2010 is a massive year for sport, most notably the year South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup. Share your banter, comments, thoughts, queries and rants.

This is a space for top-notch sporting debate, let's use it! Catch all my updates on Twitter.

The Banter
This blog is my online space to contribute to the variety of topical debates that circulate in the world of sport. I am an impassioned individual and I never cease to express myself... and often vehemently so. Follow my expedition as a sports journalist reporting for and interacting with fellow sports fans.

I have experience in all forms of the media, including television, radio, online and print. Sports Journalism is the field that I revel in.

The Internet has granted us the opportunity to converge as a 'glocal' society and communicate with people from all over the planet. Sport is arguably the most subjective field we know and the small flame that ignites inside me every time I enter a sporting debate, is an attribute I want to spread amongst the readers. 

Use this website to Banter as you wish, as I present a variety of sporting issues making the headlines with you, the reader.

Name: Edward Sellier
Age: 23
Occupation: Journalist - TV | Print | Radio | Online
Degree: B.A. English and Media & Writing. Completing postgrad honours in Journalism.
Current Location: Cape Town, South Africa 

Sports Editorial of VARSITY Newspaper, the official student newspaper of the University of Cape Town (UCT) since 1942.